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Custom Lab

Custom Lab: Jumper

Custom Lab: Jumper

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Base Colour & Fabric

Welcome to the Custom Lab! 

Using this tool, you can create the perfect jumper / hoodie for you. Select from a variety of colours and styling elements to build the garment you have always wanted. 

A few things to note:
- The fabrics / colours listed are all we have available. Special requests cannot be accommodated
- Custom Lab is for picking design elements. It is not possible to change the length / fit of the garment. Please refer to the size guide before choosing selecting your size. 
- Made sure you refer to the images as you make your selections. They should be really helpful in terms of explaining which parts of our garment you are choosing. 
- Although you can opt for different coloured sleeves , you cannot choose which coloured sleeve and is on which side (this will be down to the cutting and sewing teams discretion). You can however choose the cuff that goes with the sleeve. 

Exchanges & Returns:
- Due to the nature of this becoming a custom product for you, this garment is neither exchangeable or refundable. 

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