Limited edition Black T-shirts with our trademark handmade tassels. These T-shirts are perfect under dungarees or teamed with your fave jeans! 100% handmade in the U.K. They ARE slightly oversized so best to buy your size. 

    Made from 100% cotton soft touch T-Shirt jersey.

    Tassels are colourfast to 40 degrees. Hand-wash recommended but machine was on gentle setting will be fine. 

    See the fit guide below to help you decide the perfect size for you.

    S (UK SIZE 6-8) H: 21 inches L: 21.5 inches

    M (UK SIZE 10-12 H:21.5 inches W: 23inches

    L (UK SIZE 14-16) H:22 inches W: 24.5 inches

    XL - (UK SIZE 18-20) H:22.5 inches W: 26 inches

    XXL - (UK SIZE 22) H: 23 inches W: 2.5 inches

    H = Full length of front when garment is laid flat (as shown in diagram)

    W = The widest point when garment is laid flat (as shown in diagram)

    Feeling overwhelmed with all the measurements? WE GET YOU!

    Simply lay your FAVE T-shirt out on a flat surface and measure it using our guide above - then see how the sizes compare to our sizes. SIMPLE. As always any questions email, DM or Facebook message us and we'll get back to you within 24hours. 

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