Winter Offers

This Winter we are able to bring you two offers, which are available for you to utilise throughout the season. 
We have decided to offer both as our way to give back to you, our wonderful customers. 

Code: 10DAY1FREE

I know, at first glance, I agree...a three for two deal for a brand which is Made to Order seems somewhat ‘off’. But yes you read correctly, this season and all season long, we are offering three for two.

So what is the catch? 
No catch we promise! All we ask is that you embrace the ‘slow’ fashion motto and wait a little longer for your garments to be made and dispatched - 10 working days to be precise. 📅

How does it work?
Our normal turnaround time for your garments to be processed, cut, made, QC and dispatched is five days. However if you would like to make the most of our three for two offer, we are able to give you one garment for free if you are willing to wait a little longer. 

Our Made to Order business model means that we provide cut and sewing lists for the team on a daily basis. We group styles, fabrics and colours together so that the team are able to cut and sew similar garments at the same time. It sounds small, but a colour change requires the cutter to change the fabric roll over, and the seamstresses will have to change a minimum of four nine threads. The extra efficiency we gain through a slightly longer production time means we can save costs, essentially get more made within the same make time, and so we think it’s only fair that cost saving is passed on to you. 

If you aren’t in a hurry to receive your garments, an increased 10 day turn around on your order, will allow us to put your order into production with similar orders as they come through and thus maximising capacity and efficiency. 

Our goals as a business has been to design and make quality clothing, made for you at a reasonable price with a quick turnaround time. We want to compete with the biggest companies in the world (the only way we will change the industry) and not the amazing small independent businesses. We’ve been working hard to come up with ways where we can lower our cost without compromising the goals that AL is built on. We want to pass the savings on to our lovely customers but also encourage new people to find an alternative to fast throwaway fashion. 

How do I utilise the offer?
Add the three items to your basket and when you head to the checkout enter code 10day1free and the cheapest item in your basket will become free. 

What if I can’t wait 10 days for my order to be dispatched?
Do not fear! You can still order items as normal and we will make and dispatch them within 5 working days. Please do not utilise the code if need us to make and dispatch your order within 5 days. 

That said, we are also running a Winter Offer which still enables you to have your order shipped within 5 working days 👇 👇 


Winter is all about hunkering down as those dark days come in and so we have the perfect way to add a bit of warmth to your season. 

What is the offer?
Buy any jumper from our Autumn Winter collection and you can receive 50% off any bottom. 

Perhaps you are looking for ultimate comfort in a sweatshirt jumper and jogger co-ord….or maybe you are all about the cute fleece cardi and skirt combo… either way both can be applied to the Winter Offer. 

Why two offers now?
The answer is two fold. The first reason is because we want to give back to you, our customers:

If you have ever taken a look at our values, you will see that one is to constantly try to be ‘Fair’ to both our customers and employees alike. 2020 was a tough year, but the loyalty of our customers and community kept us going and enabled us to be in the position we are in today. 

Most brands reward their customers with big promotional sales, however being Made to Order means we are unable to do this as we don’t have the deadstock to slash prices so to speak - and so Heidi and I have been working on other ideas.

The second reason is because the growth of our team over the past 12 months has opened up our production capacity:

We now have two cutters and four seamstresses, which means that we have built a production line which is incredibly efficient and thus is able to support us being able to give back to our customers. 

So as always, this reverts back to a big thank you from Heidi and I. We hope you manage to find some gorgeous treats this winter season!

How do I utilise the offer?
Add the two items to your basket and when you head to the checkout enter code winteroffer and the discount will be applied. 

Does the turn around time change when utilising this offer?
Even when utilising this offer. the turn around time will remain at 5 working days to make and dispatch your order.

To Shop the Autumn Winter collection click here