Our Values

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Aesthetic Laundry oficially became a LTD company in 2018. In the Spring of 2019, Heidi took the plunge and the team of one, became a small passionate team of four. To read more about the back story prior to the team joining read more about Heidi here

As the team grew, we realised the importance of having the company values in writing, so that we could be accountable not just to ourselves but also to our customers. Writing them down was definitely easier said than done, so to understand how we got to the below values, check out the blog here

In essence everything Aesthetic Laundry does falls under three values. Every decision we make in the business takes into consideration and is represented under at least one of our values: We Care. We are Fair. We Dare. 

Aesthetic Laundry company values

  • We strive to be environmentally conscious. We produce quality clothing, designed to last longer.
  • We control as much of the production process as possible to keep our carbon footprint low.
  • We are inclusive but without being wasteful. We have a large range of sizes, but don't create huge amounts of excess stock.
  • We don't actively throwaway.Aesthetic Laundry values
  • Customers and staff are treated alike. Aesthetic Laundry is fun from the inside out.
  • We are fair in price, from our wages through to our retail price point.
  • We have as much control over the production process as possible to ensure oversight of our supply chain.
Aesthetic Laundry values
  • We want to challenge fashion industry morals.
  • We are transparent and honest; we show the highs with the lows and don't claim to be perfect.
  • We want to be as inclusive as possible. Fashion shouldn't be based on what you can afford or what size you are.
  • Fashion can be for everyone. There is no 'right' person for Aesthetic Laundry.
  • We want to prove that small independents and slow fashion can outweigh the throwaway attitude of the business.