Zero Waste Fabric Project - Kids Jumpers

Aesthetic Laundry's Zero Waste Fabric Project
A limited run of children’s jumpers made from the fabric offcuts in our studio. 3 different age ranges, in a variety of colours, with even some iconic tassels on the sleeves. 

We have included FAQ's below, but to learn more about the reason behind the No Waste Project, please check out our blog here .

Zero Waste Fabric Project - Kids Jumpers

What is the backstory to the No Waste Project? Although we try to be as resourceful as possible with our garments, inevitably there is going to be the fabric on the end of the roll and offcuts which cannot be used. We rarely throw the offcuts away and the sheer amount of fabric studio finally became too much at the beginning of November and the decision was made to do something about it. We put two options (make-up bags and kidswear) out to our wonderful customer base and it was an almost unanimous decision that came back and offered us kidswear. 


Why is it a limited run?  We are by no means a kidswear brand, however we feel this is an incredibly good use of offcuts which aren’t big enough to put towards our currently adult collection. We are going to trial the project for 8 weeks  with the aim to review at the end. 


What size / age are the jumpers for? Being a small team we cannot accommodate the vast sizing range which comes with childrenswear. Therefore we have picked 0-3 months, 9-12 months & 24-36 months which allow us to maximise the number of jumpers we can produce from the assortment of offcuts we have available in the studio.

*Fun fact - Heidi & Liv did market research and actually chose the 3 different sized jumper patterns from garments sourced in our local charity shop.


Why do some jumpers have different design details? For those fabrics which have a smaller quantity of material available, we have occasionally stitched more than one piece together to make up one of the three size ranges. These details are depicted on each individual product page. 


What is the difference between those with rainbow tassels and those in a block colour?

The jumpers with rainbow tassels are the fabric colours which we use on a more regular basis and therefore have a larger range of offcuts. This means we can create a whole child’s jumper from one piece of offcut.

 There is less fabric offcuts of those in the block colours, therefore we have been more creative in terms of stitching more than one piece together on the jumper.  

Can I request a custom kids jumper? Due to being a small team we cannot accommodate custom pieces on this occasion.  

What fabrics are the kids jumpers made from? The jumper and tassels fabrics are a mix of acrylic, cotton and polyester blends, all of which have been RPET and recover tested by our supplier. 
All fabrics have been checked for colour fastness to ensure the dye's don't run. 

Please note, these kids jumpers are not suitable to be worn as nightwear/sleepwear. 

Children grow out of their clothing so quickly. Surely this counteracts attempting to be sustainable? Although we are using recycled fabrics, we are aware that a child’s Aesthetic Laundry jumper will not get as many wears as we hope your adult ones do. 

Once the jumper has come to the end of it’s life with the child (so to speak), please don’t throw it away. We have some alternative options if you are unable to give it to a charity shop.

  • Return the jumper to us at Aesthetic Laundry and receive £10 off your next order. We will recycle the fabric to ensure it doesn’t go to waste. 
  • Send us a photo of it being handed down to another lucky child and receive £10 off your next order (we will not utilise this photo for any form of marketing). 

How do returns work? Despite being made from recycled fabrics, the same returns policy applies to the children’s wear as it does our mainline collections. Please refer to the returns and exchanges policy here .

Any questions? We are aware this is quite an unusual campaign so if you have any questions at all regarding the kidswear please don’t hesitate to contact us at