Exclusive Offer - Christmas Pre-Order

Pre-Order Newsletter: Part 1 of 2


1.  New Lockdown, New plan! ✔️

2. Pre-order to guarantee delivery 📬 

3. Get something extra by pre-ordering 

4. Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday (10th November) 📅


Change is part of the fun (apparently, so we’ve had to come up with a way where we can make sure our team are safe but we can still operate and run a small business. If one of the team gets ill (touch wood they don’t 🤞) or we are unable to get more fabric from our supplier, we’ll most likely have to stop taking orders and prioritise the ones we have (flash back to the summer - those of you who know...know! 😅). And so we have decided to offer a pre-order to help us cope.


Without boring you 😴 the supply chain is fragile; even as I write this now we have already had to pull some of the styles and redesign them to make things work. By pre-ordering we can make sure if you have a Christmas present in mind for someone special or even a treat for yourself, we’ll get it made and wrapped up. As soon as you order we’ll allocate your fabric, ready to be sewn closer to your chosen shipping date 🎄.  


As well as allowing you to find the perfect gift 🎁 for your loved ones, we know the above would help us out a lot. At the moment we are in the process of developing a run of zero waste reusable gift wrapping (which can be used for other things too 😊). As a small thank you, we will prioritise your (as one of our lovely subscribers) pre-order being gift-wrapped and shipped for free.

* Tuesday 10th Nov – check your inbox for part 2 of this email!
* Sunday 15th Nov - last chance for you to get your pre-order in before we open it up to other customers.


Thank you for reading and keep safe xxx




Pre-Order Newsletter: Part 2 of 2


We are now LIVE for the exclusive pre-order. If you didn't get part 1 of these newsletters, dive into your junk and find out why we are doing it.


So, what is included with the pre-order?
1.📬 By pre-ordering your order is our priority 
🎁 You have the option for free gift wrapping
🚚 Free UK shipping will be allocated at the checkout
😊 All of the above will be no additional cost 



 To access this offer, click the below link and enter the password
See Exclusive Offer!
When you told us you prefer your gift wrapping to be reusable, we listened. Made from surplus fabric, we have created these gorgeous Laundry Bags, which will not only beautifully hold your orders under the tree, but can be used over and over again!
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Password: preorder

P.S / Things to note:
* This curated offer will only be available until Sunday night, so you have 5 days to get in there before we open the pre-order up to anyone else
* The gift wrapping is only available on orders over £35
*Free shipping is only available in the UK but we have reduced International Shipping at the checkout for all our lovely customers  from abroad
*For full Ts&Cs regarding the pre-order click here