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End of Roll Fabrics - 3.0

End of Roll logo

The idea behind End of Roll is to create gorgeous pieces from otherwise discarded fabrics. Read on to see each fabric and get an idea of why Heidi was drawn to each one currently available in our End of Roll collection.


A first for AL - dabbling in print! It is something Heidi has wanted to do for quite a while, but it has taken time to find one which was not only representative of AL and the clothes we produce, but also a print that wouldn't date quickly. 

Back by popular demand (these fabrics were a huge hit in our 2.0 drop), a selection of lightweight ribbed fabrics perfect for layering. 

A stretchy sporty fabric, chosen with a particular design in mind. Following feedback we received around our pinny dresses Heidi wanted to try out something a little different....

This thick, durable, faux-shearling type fabric   is a fabric we cannot normally source, so it was an absolute treat to find this....and in two colour ways. 
Scuba Fabric
Returning for a second End of Roll project is this lightweight scuba-like fabric. Launched in 2.0 as a bomber, we love the silky texture of this fabric, however it didn't sell as we had anticipated and therefore we believe we got the product wrong. We have therefore designed three new styles utilising this same fabric. 


Blue Fabric

"Metallic - shiny yet smooth. That was why I couldn't walk away from this fabric! It is light and soft to touch but it has structure to it and so I knew we could make a really dressy going out piece. At first I was thinking a top, but in the end I've gone for something which I felt really lent itself towards the dressiness of the fabric itself..."
Green Fabric

 "I came across three gorgeous colours of this 'crepe' fabric and I just loved the powdery texture. The fabric is very lightweight and thin - think swishy! Perfect for this transitional season"


Soft Fabric 

"Oh my gosh, this is just so warm, soft and lovely! It's like a teddy bear fabric! Although soft, it is medium weight so I knew exactly what I wanted to make as soon as I saw it". 


Ribbed Fabric

"As we all know I LOVE colour so was immediately drawn to the yellow and red. I then found other colours of the same fabric and so although there was limited amounts of each one, I thought it would be fun to have a garment style with more than one colour option".


Scuba Fabric

"These two colours are Neoprene,  which I love because they are very sports luxe. I would actually say these are more Scuba than Neoprene as they are much lighter so perfect for lighter days when you need something to throw on ".




Pastel fabric close up
"I was looking around the local fabric shop and was getting inspired by all the bright block colours but wanted to try something in a pattern or stripes and then I saw this beauty and was like LIKE THAT!! Then I felt it and was like OH MY GOD it feels so bouji and premium! 
It has a lot going on stripe wise but it’s pastel hues mean its quite subtle at the same time."

Silk fabric close up

"It was love at first touch!
The silky smooth texture of this fabric meant I just couldn’t walk away from it once I had seen it. It's such a silky fabric that you barely notice it against your skin which makes it feel really lux and special."



Rib fabric close up

"Rib fabric is typically used for the necklines in jumpers. However I am ALL about throwing the rule book out the window when it comes to the uses of fabrics, and so there was no way I was going to let the opportunity to pass to make something cute and fun out of this bright blue fabric. Yes it's chunky, but it is WAY more fun than a neckline!"


ruffle fabric close up

"Feather light and super airy – this is one of the most special fabrics I've ever found. It looks like it would be really hot to wear but in reality its really light and airy. It’s also super stretchy so I knew we could do something cute and dressy but still comfy."


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