End of Roll

End of Roll is simple and exactly what is says on the tin. It is a project we have been dying to get off the ground and are so delighted it is finally here. 

A bit of backstory...when Heidi and I first had conversations about working together, it included an unwritten condition that what we did would try and ultimately do better...better for people in the industry, better for the customer, better for the planet... and so over the past two years we have worked hard to build a business which meant our production takes place in-house, with a team who work directly for AL.

Sitting here now, we are lucky enough to say that we have two cutters and three seamstresses all based in the studio with us making all your garments to order. To have managed to get this business model off the ground has been no easy feat, however it has now opened doors for us to expand into projects we have had in our heads for so long.

Fabric Rolls

End of Roll quite simply refers to the end of fabric rolls which are quite often easily wasted.

Industry standard when ordering fabrics is a +/- of 3% to allow the Mills to utilise the raw material better and also insures against any defaults in the fabrics. Some of the large retailers would be ordering tens of thousands of metres and you can quickly calculate that 3% could be 300m. These excess fabrics are then either made into garments or sold back to the Trade which then leads to them finding their way to smaller fabric shops up and down the country. 

The more concerning fabric wastage in the industry is when a retailer over orders or cancels orders after the fabric has been made, it’s not then 300m of excess fabric, but 10,300m of excess fabric. Mills will try to resell this or split it into smaller batches and send to wholesalers. However again, this can eventually lead to them finding their way to the smaller fabric shops. It is also worth noting that often larger brands custom design the fabrics they require; if the fabric composition or colour isn't quite right then the fabric is discarded. Certain brands may have a clause in the fabric order to say the fabric is protected and if there is unused fabric this needs to be disposed of; however this is much rarer these days with more visibility and potential backlash if customer founds out. 

With the amount of work that goes into producing fabric and the impact that the production can have on the planet, we have spent the last few months working out how we can utilise these ends of fabric rolls as part of Aesthetic Laundry’s business model. 

It is no secret that Heidi LOVES a design challenge and so End of Roll is the perfect outlet for her to not only be creative, but for us to also create some beautiful pieces which in most cases will be part of a limited run, never to be created again, whilst also preventing them ending up in landfill.

Learn more about our End of Roll fabrics here