Spring Summer 2021 - From Design to Launch [Part 3]

Spring Summer 2021 - From Design to Launch [Part 3]

Part 3
February - April
Size guide, models and pricing

Alongside having every garment available to buy from day one, we are very aware how hard it can be when shopping online to find the right size, so we wanted to launch a newly improved size and fit guide alongside the collection. 

size-guideFebruary - New size guide is created

One of our biggest learnings has been that, not only do people require measurements, but to see the garments on a person who is a similar size / build is incredibly helpful. The Autumn Winter Big Epic Shoot (a remote shoot where wonderful customers and followers on social media volunteered images of themselves in our AW collection) resonated with so many people that we wanted to see how we could make garment fits available not only on our social platforms but also our website. 

Due to the continuing lockdown and social distancing, being able to have a single image of every product on the site (preferably on a model) as well as nine models of different sizes to shoot the fit guide, suddenly seemed impossible! The classic…. we had bitten off more than we could chew! Therefore we had to make a call.

We could not shoot nine models in every single garment that would be on our site this summer, as this would total over 1,000 samples being made purely for shoot purposes. We felt that this would be just too environmentally unfriendly as well as almost impossible for our team to turn around whilst sewing the day to day orders. Hence the reason, when you look at the models on the website each garment is represented by either Heidi or I. To shoot each garment, purely for the website (a single front, back and side image) took us almost four days but for the first time we have a collection on the website where every single piece is represented on a real body!

heidi-and-jossMarch - Ecomm shots for product pages
(From left: Joss is wearing a hot pink cropped tee and teal shorts. Heidi is wearing the Serge Elements Cropped Tee in cobalt blue)

As proud as we are to have made this happen, we are aware that Heidi and I represent only two of the nine sizes we stock. We understand that this is far from ideal….an inclusive brand that only has two people featured in every single garment….we can see how this must look. Which brings us to our Fit Guide. 

A way to feasibly showcase the nine sizes we have, the Fit Guide shows how each of the SS garments look on varying body types and sizes. 

For five weekends in a row, we held shoots with some absolutely amazing people, not only shooting for the fit guide but also managing to get them in our super fun summery collection. The studio owners really kindly lent us a gallery space which has been closed during the lockdown which enabled us to have a large enough indoor space for a single model to be in with myself and Heidi and shoot whilst socially distanced.


March - Fit guide shoots take place

As well as the fit model, we captured each of our gorgeous models in pieces from the new collection. Due to the continuing lockdown we also had a few amazing remote models who sent images through to us rather than coming into the studio. Again, we wanted to have as many different body shapes and sizes portrayed in the clothes, to hopefully help when it comes to browsing. 


March - Gorgeous models in our Spring Summer collection
(From left: Charys is wearing Long Sleeved Broken Logo Dress in Black, Jamila is wearing the Whitney Tee and Summer Shorts in Red, Zoe is wearing the Logo Tee in White and De-Anna is wearing the Whitney Tee and Summer Skirt in Sky Blue)

With the collection finalised and images shot, this leaves to to the final part....pricing. It is not only left to the end because it frazzles our brains but also because it is only worth doing once we know the final fabric we will be using and how long it takes the seamstresses to make the garment. 

Our end goal has always been to close the gap between shopping ethically whilst keeping it affordable, and whilst we know we cannot compete with the high street (yet...we will get there!), we do our best to keep the costs as low as possible. The biggest factor for our pricing has always been paying our team fairly (all working from our studio in East London). On top of this, this season we have an additional studio cost (which we have had to rent as it was the only way we could have the team in and socially distance, as well as becoming VAT registered. So this season in particular, the pricing meant some long nights! 

And so here we have it…..our Spring Summer collection. Each season Heidi and I dream of launching with all the bells and whistles. We want it to be perfect and yet we know that when you are small, both in team size and budget, this would be impossible!

We therefore give ourselves a launch date and we stick to it. We told ourselves we would launch the collection at the beginning of April (with a soft launch for newsletter subscribers at the end of March). It is somewhat rough around the edges but for many reasons we are still proud of what we have achieved. 

We hope that our colourful and fun Spring Summer collection represents the brighter days that seem to be on the horizon..

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