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AL Models

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As you have been browsing our Spring Summer and AL22 collections, you may have noticed there are two (and only two) familiar faces modelling the garments.

Each product currently features Heidi and I and I promise this isn’t because, as Heidi would say, we are ‘hella vain’! When it comes to launching a new collection, because of both the size of our team and business we shoot the garments on models in two phases.

Making to order means we always try to maximise the number of products available in each type of fabric and colour. With that in mind our main collections (SS and AW) can be approx. 200 products. Although we would love to feature a model in every size, in every garment available, this would mean producing approx. 1800 individual samples. Not only is that a colossal amount of samples to make, our team are just too small to even consider making that number whilst producing orders at the same time.


✨Phase 1...
So we start with the first phase… working towards our official launch day (today). Heidi begins by designing for herself (a size Medium), and the first samples produced reflect this in the sizing. Knowing we need the garments shot on a person for website we then shoot the other half on myself (a size XS). We are very aware that having 2 sizes (and arguably very similar sizes) is not representative of the full size range or a mix of people within society.


✨Phase 2...
So once we have launched, the second phase begins. We bring in models throughout the season, and shoot them in a range of styles. Each shoot allows each model to be shot in approx. 5 looks and so we take take the time to select garments which represent different styles to showcase as many across different body types.


The first of our next stage of shoots is actually taking place today and so we will have the first set of photos to share with you very soon.

Next on the list is the Size Guide which will be following very soon. 

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