A few words from Heidi

A few words from Heidi



Hello everyone, 

This week I wanted to take some time to put down on paper some of the things which I'm finding hard, amongst the things that are keeping me positive during this unsettling time. 💞💞💞

Hopefully by giving you an honest account of where I am at at the moment, will remind you that we are all in this together. Let's keep the conversation going...

5 positive things I am trying to help me get through this time

  • - Smiling at absolutely everyone! Saying hello or good morning where I can. I just think, you never know if someone is living alone or going through a harder time than you, so smiling might make them feel less alone somehow.

  • - Being thankful that we can still (as a whole) go outside for walks and fresh air. I am reacquainting myself with exercise and it's making me feel good to get my body moving again (I am so unfit!). 

  • - I am face-timing my family everyday and love seeing Mum, Dad & my bro (Mum literally she cracks me up, I could watch her all day!).

  • - Styling my lounge-wear outfits and loving living in comfy clothes - any excuse for me! I also feel liberated going outside and not feeling the same social pressures as I once did. I literally rock up to the local shop in my sweatpants and sliders and don't care! It’s great! 

  • - I am so thankful that I am able to cycle to the studio even if it is a reduced number of days I am going in. I LOVE still being able to access all my work things there. It is impossible (trust me, my fiance and I tried) to work out logistically how to move my entire studio home to our flat, but sadly there is not the space to house all the things I’d need. It’s not just a case of bringing home one machine, and one meter of fabric. A lot of our pieces are still made to order so that would never work. 

  • Grey-Coatigan

    Living my best casual clothing life!

    You know me and that I like sharing the good and the bad bits and this blog is no exception. 👇👇👇

    5 things I’m finding really hard at this time

  • - As a female founder - and an incredibly sensitive one at that- I am finding the most difficult thing to handle at this time is what will happen to my employees and how can I make sure they are paid. I want to do what’s best for them at all times, and as I’ve always said, ‘I don’t want anyone to suffer in my business at any point in the supply chain’. Now, with Covid-19, I am terrified that at the end of this month, I won’t be able to pay their wages and also so overwhelmed about the furloughing option.

  • - Having to re adjust and start from scratch every day following the daily government updates.

  • - Sometimes I feel uneasy, lost, like a foggy cloud is hanging over me and I am helpless, other times I feel freer than I’ve ever felt and hopeful, with a sense of community from people that I really like. It’s really, really up and down.

  • - I am worried all our work of the past 5 years has come crashing to a halt. It seems everything changed overnight and it took me at least a week for the reality to sink in. I mean, Liv has flown home, Joss is having to self isolate and so the team that I spend every working day with has just physically disappeared, whilst the decline in sales leaves us incredibly vulnerable.


    The team from left: Joss, Liv & I (who I now can't see and worry about hugely)


    However, in all of this,  one wonderful thing that is keeping our whole team going is that all our customers and social media followers have been so supportive and understanding every step of the way which has been SO, SO LOVELY! We’ve even seen orders starting to pick up now - customers are more than happy to wait for it to be safe to make their orders. Some even went as far to say - ‘put me low priority, so far down the list that I don't even make the list’ which did make me giggle.

    We were making SUCH good progress and making real strides with Aesthetic Laundry,  from the messaging and products and manufacture and we are remaining positive and I am determined that we will help one another get through this and be able to continue the journey we had started.

    customer-feedback😍 An example of some of the lovely feedback we have received 😍

    To those of you who have ordered in the last fortnight, THANK YOU!!! You are literally helping keep independent business afloat. I am ensuring I am being safe and the clothes are made and sent with care. Due to it just being myself going into the studio and at reduced days, I would say please allow a couple of extra days to receive your delivery. We are giving free shipping as I cannot guarantee we can stick to the 48 hour dispatch times for obvious reasons. 

    For those of you who are thinking about ordering but wondering whether it's a good time or not then please do and if you have any questions please email thestudio@aestheticlaundry.com 


    See you on social.... 😘

    Heidi xxx

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