#24 Bye for now!

#24 Bye for now!

It’s going to get emotional, blog seven for me and the last of this special lockdown series I’ve enjoyed writing so much. Joss gave me free reign in terms of what to write this week and I’ve decided what feels right (in the spirt of transparency) is to share my reflections on working with Aesthetic Laundry for the last couple of months.


1. They make wonderful clothes

You probably already know this if you’re a follower of all things AL and have bought anything they’ve made – but they really do make beautiful clothing! Their social media does a great job of highlighting the passion behind their clothes and the ethos and values behind the brand, but for me whilst working with them that’s just shone through even more. 

So much thought and consideration goes into every phase of the process, from the fabric, to the pattern, to the way they feel trying things on. Even those lovely little notecards you get with each order. In the conversations I’ve had with Joss where I’ve complimented something in particular about what I’ve been wearing you can see just how happy she’s been to know that their passion and thought process behind that garment has been seen and appreciated by a customer. 

2. Their clothes make you happy!

I talked on this subject in a lot more detail in my blog on body image and sizing. After years of suffering at the hands of high street sizing, inconsistency and designs with only one body type in mind, it has been a joy for me to discover an uprising of small, responsible designers creating garments for everyone to enjoy! 

Again, this has come up in so many of my chats with Joss, for example I mentioned how well my logo tee sits and how the hang and fit of the t-shirt is just right. Whilst I’d normally size up elsewhere I don’t need to do that with AL as the fit is actually designed for someone my shape. This sings praises to the work they do behind the scenes, I know for a fact in the studio when patterns and designs are being discussed and dreamt up there’s a real effort to ensure that the fit and design works on all sizes. Whichever size you’re wearing that fit has been designed to work for you. 

And if they get something wrong, they fess up to it! They are constantly taking on board feedback and ensuring moving forward their products make you as happy as can be. For instance, the summer colour pop collection is the first to offer multiple lengths on dresses – my confetti dress with that extra 8cm means it sits perfectly. It’s the little details like that which make getting dressed every day fun rather than a hassle, and help you stop worrying about how you look! I can’t explain the peace of mind I get from wearing something that just genuinely fits. 

3. They practice what they preach

They are truthful and honest in business – which is such a refreshing sight to see. I’ve spoken before about the real importance of transparency in business and how empowering it is to us as a consumer when businesses embrace this. Again, Aesthetic Laundry are leading the way here. 

In the current climate where the temptation is to step away, re-think, re-group and keep your business afloat, Heidi and Joss haven’t hesitated to continue showing the ups and downs of working in the fashion industry. And in a time like this pandemic it feels like there have been a lot more downs than usual! 

Not only did they continue updating us daily but they started posting more frequently on stories to keep us in the loop about longer delivery times or safety measures and how their working process was changing. To top it off they added a whole new series of Decisions videos to honestly talk about how they’re adapting the business and working through these times. 

There’s a real integrity behind these women and their work to be different to what’s long been accepted as the norm in the fashion industry, and it’s just amazing. 

4. They’re an inspiration

There’s no other way to sum it up really. Heidi, Joss, and the rest of the lovely Aesthetic Laundry Team whose faces we haven’t seen as much recently, thank you, well done and keep going. The work you’re doing is just so important and I want you to know that it’s making such a difference. 

As a consumer I’d already been profoundly impacted by my purchases from Aesthetic Laundry, they gave me back confidence that I’d lost and made me feel good about myself for the first time in a long time. To top it off, it’s been a joy getting to know and work alongside Heidi and Joss these last couple of months. So I wanted to take a moment to thank them for that, and thank all of you for reading these too! 

I suppose this is a rather long-winded way of saying that if you think you’ve seen something special in Aesthetic Laundry, and the women behind the brand, then I believe you’re on the right track there. And to reassure you that behind closed doors, outside of social media, they really are like that – bubbly and full of positivity and passion.

There have been hard times during this lockdown for sure, and running the business has definitely been daunting at times, but whenever they’ve faced a hurdle or been knocked down it hasn’t kept them down long. If you look at their journey from March to now, and the incredible work they’re still sending out and keeping going, I’d say that’s pretty inspirational, wouldn’t you?


Goodbye, for now

So that’s it from me for this guest blog series. I’ve had such a blast writing and I think styling all my Aesthetic Laundry for last week’s blog and video will honestly be one of my lockdown highlights! It was just such a fun and joyous day for me – I think you can see that from my cheesy grin throughout all the looks hehe! 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading too and are staying safe and well.

And that means it’s goodbye, for now at least. I am hoping Joss and Heidi will have me back in the future to write some more for you! But I’m off on new adventures for now, so will report back in due course I’m sure. 

Signing off for one last time, with so much thanks for reading along with me these last couple of months,



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Rachel is a Marketing Consultant and Producer of Theatre and Film based in the West Midlands. She is currently working alongside Joss at Aesthetic Laundry to provide support, where she can, in a voluntary capacity. When she isn’t working, she enjoys eating any gluten free cake, drinking good gin or wine, and lifting weights at the gym. Rachel is really passionate about supporting small, independent businesses – especially female led creatives. Drop her a follow on @racheltimeblog for a daily dose of colour, silliness, and to see her two adorable pet rabbits Eevee and Parsnip!
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