All Things Aesthetic Laundry

  • #8 Aesthetic Laundry's Zero Waste Fabric Project

    Aesthetic Laundry's No Waste Fabric Project. We hate to waste, but finally the piles of fabric offcuts became too much and it was time to make a decision on what to do. And what an exciting decision was made...…!
  • #7 Black Friday, it's a no from us

    This weekend Aesthetic Laundry will not be a part of Black Friday. Click here to understand the full story.
  • #6 This is what we stand for

    What does Aesthetic Laundry stand for? It sounds simple, but it has taken some constructive criticism, a lot of meetings and one big focus group for us to get to the bottom of it! The full story and finally our brand message are all in one place. And we will be sticking by them!

  • #5 Check Your Boobs | CoppaFeel 10 year anniversary

    In October Aesthetic Laundry suppported CoppaFeel's 10 year anniversary at their FestiFeel! event with tassel braiding, tassel jumpers and a whole lot of boobs! 

    Check out the full story here. And don't forget to check your boobs!! 

  • #4 Aesthetic Laundry's YouTube Series

    A six part series with Aesthetic Laundry's founder Heidi May and artist and presenter Anna Gammans. Each week Heidi and Anna discuss a different topic which directly relates and impacts the Aesthetic Laundry business. 

    Topics include Customers, Body Positivity and Managing People.

  • #3 BBC Look East & BBC Radio Norwich | It's time to become a savvy shopper

    This week Heidi has been back in her home town of Norwich speaking with BBC Look East and BBC Radio Norfolk, discussing how we can change our shopping habits for the better.
  • #2 Not just a designer.... TV appearances

    Although Aesthetic Laundry is now Heidi's full time job, television appearances are something Heidi has never been afraid of (and more than once do...
  • #1: To blog or not to blog?

    Why this blog? The rhyme and reason and what we hope to be able to share with you!