#1: To blog or not to blog?

#1: To blog or not to blog?

We have toyed with the idea of writing an Aesthetic Laundry blog since I joined the company back in May and as you can see we have finally decided YES TO BLOGGING!

The reason is two fold. 

One - To spread the word. 
We try to be as honest and open about day to day life at Aesthetic Laundry, which (we think!) we cover on social media, but as we all know things are so easily lost these days in the abyss of the social world. So we will try and put all the Aesthetic Laundry news in this blog so you can always catch up should you miss anything!

Two - To put all our cards on the table.
Aesthetic Laundry has always been a brand standing for so much more than making garments and selling them. Heidi began the brand to combat typical stereotyping in the fashion industry, from body positivity to fast fashion. We want you to see it all and so I will do my best to keep you up to speed in this blog! To find out more about Heidi's story click here

As I am sure you can imagine Heidi is running all over the place on a day to day basis so I will do my best to tell her story and the ins and outs of our hilarious studio life on her behalf! 

Please feel free to drop me a line at joss@aestheticlaundry.com if you have any questions regarding the blog posts or even just to say hello!

Joss xxx

Aesthetic Laundry Joss

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