Spring Summer 2021 - From Design to Launch [Part 2]

Spring Summer 2021 - From Design to Launch [Part 2]

Part 2
December 2020 - January 2021
Another national lockdown, final collection review and shoot samples

And so before we knew it, it was December and we wanted to give our amazing team a proper holiday and shut the studio doors for two weeks. At that time we were all still optimistic that we might get home for Christmas, but how wrong were we. The re-opening of our studio in January was difficult as unfortunately the restrictions around the lockdown and social distancing meant that capacity was at 50%. However, we pushed ahead with the ordering of sample fabric and whilst existing orders remained the priority we squeezed in samples where we could. 

The sampling process is incredibly important. We have chosen to source our fabrics within the UK to keep our carbon footprint low, however this does mean you are slightly more limited on the types of fabrics you can get. The fabric quality is really important and thus every colour we order needs to be sampled to check that the quality is consistent across the board. 

serge-elements-teesJanuary - The tweaking process begins
(A selection of the Serge Elements Tee's, testing the colourful necklines against each fabric colour)

From the end of January onwards, it was tweak, tweak, tweak! The garments came out of the sewing room and Heidi and I not only reviewed the colours but also the styles. Because we are Made to Order, our aim is to give our customers as much choice as possible, which means utilising every fabric as much as possible. This season we have eight colours in a gorgeously soft jersey cotton. From those eight colours you can buy every style of garment (e.g shorts, tees, dresses etc). 

We are aware that this is a really large offering. 8 possible colours x 9 possible styles x 9 possible sizes = 600+ options. However because we are Made to Order, rather than have finished garments on the shelves, we have a single roll of each coloured fabric and the garments are made as and when the orders are placed. This stops us mass producing, whilst also allows us to only re-order the fabrics that we can see our customers love. 

ss21-sample-collectionJanuary 2021 - The sample selection process
(From left: Heidi reviewing the full collection, the summer shorts combinations)

Once the fabrics and styles were approved it was on to making the samples for us to shoot for the website. We made the decision in early January that we would not launch without every piece being available. Although we have a lot of styles, we do not want to encourage over consumption, by doing mid season drops with similar styles in varying colours. This business model of mid-season drops is one that fast fashion brands have adopted and encourages consumers to constantly feel the need to buy something new; for example we may already own a t-shirt, but if a new colour comes out shortly after we bought the first one, we find ourselves tempted to buy again. However had we seen all the colour options in the first place it is more likely we would have just picked our one favourite. 


January 2021 - Sample try-on
(From left: Heidi trying on the Confetti dress in red, selecting the neckline for Serge Elements Tee in red [yes Heidi always pulls this face when she's checking a sample!])

By offering customers the entire collection from day one, it gives that transparency of what our new collection includes. Our clothes are designed to be transitional rather than one hit wonders thus having them available from beginning to end of season is important. 

(We do occasionally drop Limited Edition collections, but this will only ever be with fabrics where we have a small amount of fabric and so are released when found in fabric shops etc). 

Stay tuned for part 3, the final few months covering the size guide, models and pricing.... 

In the meantime, to shop the new Spring Summer collection click👉👉 here 🤫🤫🤫

Thank you for reading! xx

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