Share the AL Love this Month

Share the AL Love this Month

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It’s August (somehow...already!) and we have decided to make it our MONTH OF TRANSPARENCY. 

Reflecting on the last 12 months we are so incredibly lucky to be able to say we have grown both our studio and our studio team (hiring both seamstresses and cutters). We have pivoted our business model to make everything to order. We have then pushed this business model to new limits to be able to turn around garments within 5 working days or customers placing orders. 

New Studio
The New Studio - May 20201

It is safe to say we are proud. Very very proud. However, now we want to spread the word. And so this August we are focusing on our most engaged audience and community, which is on Instagram. And looking to spread the word of AL. 

Currently we promote Aesthetic Laundry through digital advertising. The budget is small and it definitely helps...however speaking honestly the algorithm has recently changed (again!) and the latest ISO update has stopped practically stopped all prior engagement and reach we were seeing. 

The reason growing our audience and reaching new prospective customers is so important is because we rely on a growing customer base to grow our company. This may sound obvious, but as a brand that drops one collection per season and is not here to encourage over purchasing, we are aware that there are only so many clothes a single person needs. We aren't here to push the same product in hundreds of different colour ways and tell you that you need all of them. We are however here to tell people who are thinking about changing their shopping habits, that we can bridge that gap between fast and ethical fashion.  

AL Digital AdvertDigital Advertising: Summer 2021

We don't believe in zero contracts and have brought all our team in-house under the Aesthetic Laundry umbrella. We feel incredibly strongly that to truly stand by #whomademyclothes we need to be working alongside our cutters and seamstresses. We expect to be held accountable by our customers - they should be safe in the knowledge that should they purchase from us they know exactly where their garments came from. 

And so that is why we have the overheads we do. To continue pushing forward with this business model, we need people to keep discovering AL, which is when we come to you...!! 

Given the wonderful Laundry family we have on Instagram, we have a feeling that our wonderful AL community who are already so incredibly supportive, are the ones who can help spread the word. 

The plan for the month is two fold. We are going to hold weekly competitions to build up engagement and awareness around what we are doing, with winners receiving AL Gift Vouchers. 

And whilst our community actively look to support us, we are going to work hard to ‘give the people what they want'! We are always trying to show our followers the ‘real’ side of running your own business so for the week of the 16.08 we will be going LIVE every day. Each daily live will focus on a different area of the business - from production to packing - you will get the opportunity to see it all. And by doing it live you will see it all first hand. 

         Feedback Friday CompetitionTag Tuesday Competition
August's competitions - check out Instagram to find out more....!

Ultimately we want to grow our business. Which small business doesn’t!? And we know that if we can grow, it will allow us to put money back into the wonderful people we work with and strive to look ahead and do more to bridge the many gaps of the industry. 

So for the 99.9% of you who are on Instagram check out the content plan below -  please join us, engage with us and share the love this month. We will be eternally grateful!

Insta Live Week

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