#9 Pieces: Our second Zero Waste Fabric Project

#9 Pieces: Our second Zero Waste Fabric Project

Pieces Fabric

As many of you will know we launched our 8 week Zero Waste Fabric Project - Kids Jumpers, at the end of November 2019, an idea which was spawned from the off-cuts of fabric in our studio which come from making all our garments in-house. 

Fast forward to the beginning of 2020, we are 6 weeks into the project and could not be more delighted with the results. We have been able to make gorgeous tassel jumpers for a range of children’s sizes, whilst being able to use the off-cuts and scraps of fabric that we just didn’t want to throw away.

Following a 10 day closure of the studio for the holiday season, we returned to a revamped studio and decided what better time than now to have a studio clean!?

And with the clean came quite the revelation...Heidi is the queen of hoarding fabric!! I knew there was a lot of fabric in the studio, but it turns out she is incredibly good at making use of space; over the course of the day we uncovered vast amounts of fabric all bagged and boxed up...all waiting to be used. 

Pieces Collection

When I first joined Aesthetic Laundry, Heidi took me to her local fabric shop where she often finds inspiration for new collection. Picture a child in a sweet shop and you have Heidi in a fabric shop! Even if visiting to buy a particular fabric or ribbing she normally always leaves with a little bit of something extra - a small piece of print, a larger roll of mesh - if it jumps out, Heidi cannot say no!

Fabric Shop

Rolls of fabric

And it is this fabric that we have uncovered in the last week - the pictures honestly don’t do the studio, that is now our treasure trove, justice!

Which brings me to, our second Zero Waste Fabric Project, Pieces.

Pieces Logo

This January we have decided to extend the Zero Waste Fabric Project, with the pledge to make a minimum of 120 items (in addition to the already existing collections on the website), all of which will be made from the fabrics we have found in the studio.

This will be Heidi’s passion project; she will be designing and creating every single piece herself, allowing her to finally get back to what she LOVES...DESIGNING! 

Pieces Collection

Although primarily a design project, Pieces is the perfect way for us as a team to challenge ourselves to turn the typical fashion production process on its head without compromising on our key values. 

So for Pieces, I give a promise which upholds each of our core values:

  • We care about being inclusive without being wastefulIt is incredibly important that the idea behind Pieces does not compromise the sizes we offer. We will therefore be producing garments from a Small through to XXL. The number of garments available in each size has been based on a ratio of our customers and the sizes purchased over the last 12 months.

  • We are fair in our pricing. The price for every single item in Pieces is exactly the same. We are able to do this because the design & production process will be the same for every single item; each finished item will have received the same amount of love, care, attention and time from Heidi. We have made the price affordable whilst ensuring our costs are covered.

  • We dare to turn the typical design and production process on its head. There will be no ‘production runs’, there is no ‘marketing’ plan, there will be no ‘visual campaign’. This project is designed to make each of us in the team think differently about how we work each day, how we can turn fashion on its head, whilst still producing beautiful long lasting pieces. 

Pieces will launch on Sunday 12th and take place throughout January. New designs will drop each Sunday & Thursday and the number of products available at each drop will vary depending on how many items Heidi has created in the days leading up.

Expect daily updates on social media (especially in our Snappy Wrap Ups!) and also check out our FAQs page which should answer all general queries regarding this project. 

If you do have any questions regarding the project please don’t hesitate to contact me at joss@aestheticlaundry.com

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