Colour Swaps: Everything you need to know!

Colour Swaps: Everything you need to know!

We've been talking a lot out about our upcoming colour swap lately, and while it's a fond farewell to some for our Spring Summer fabrics we are VERY excited to introduce our new colours!

We love all of our colours...but we also love to be creative. 

As much as we would love to keep all of our wonderful colours; we are unfortunately limited by the laws of physics. There would quite literally be zero space in our lovely but not very large studio, so a swap has to be made. Fear not-this doesn't mean that the remaining rolls are destined for the tip! Our made to order business model makes it possible for us to run the three remaining fabrics down before we introduce the new ones. It means that we won't be overordering and will have the physical space and funds to introduce our new fabrics. It's au revoir to Mint; Olive and Ivory...and a VERY big hello to Hot Pink, Navy and Grey!

There's a colour for everyone. Whether you favour a more muted palette or a playful pop; we wanted to bring in a perfectly balanced selection to guarantee there's something just for you. 

Hot pink:
You can never have enough pink. We know our baby pink is a fan fave, but we think it's time to step up our game with a Hot Pink! It's bold, bright and brilliant. Just like our Ivory and Olive fabrics, it's also the softest and swishiest viscose we could find. Keep an eye our for shorts, trousers and vests! 
Neutrals are a must, and our black swishy fabric has been so popular that we've decided to introduce another shade perfect for transitional looks. Deep; rich and subtle- perfect for work or an evening out.
Our final colour is THE classic staple colour. We're all about versatility, and this jersey cotton can been paired with beautiful brights for an easy, playful look.

So...that's the skinny on the colour swap! We're sure the suspense is killing you, but luckily we'll keep you all updated on our Insta. Any Qs? Just drop us a message!



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