Made To Measure: About

Made To Measure: About

Made to Measure. A concept that we have wanted to bring to Aesthetic Laundry for over a year, but never had the opportunity to launch, is finally here through a trial version. 

As a brand which is Made to Order, we often receive emails and messages from customers requesting to tweak their orders. From the customers perspective point, I completely get it. As a small independent, why can't we just make tweaks to the garments before they are put into production?

Well.... the business model we have built, has enabled us to almost completley hand over the production process of the garments to our team. The information we take from each order placed is transferred onto a tiny sticker (which you will find in the parcel you receive) and that information is all our cutting and sewing teams need in order to produce each garment. 

 To 'tweak' garments would therefore mean interrupting the make process and ultimately slowing the production process down, something we have not been in a position to change....until now!

This January we have decided to trial a couple of new concepts that we plan to bring to Aesthetic Laundry on a larger scale, but require some testing in order for us to see how they change our business model and how we can adapt accordingly.

To kick it off,  Made to Measure will focus on trousers only. 

Many of our wonderful customers will remember filling in a Made to Measure questionnaire for us many moons ago to understand what our customers were looking for. In relation to products that you would like to have altered, trousers was by far the most popular choice. 

The focus will be on length, with 5 alternative lengths to our regular length available. 

Customers will have the choice to both shorten and lengthen the trousers from our standard length, with a choice of length options. 

We haven't just stopped at length...

Having spent time collating our most requested changes to garments, we have included some additional variations. 

  • Pockets: You have the option to have your trousers with or without pockets
  • Side Label: Typically the Aesthetic Laundry logo is visible on the left side of our garments. You have the choice to remove this if you would prefer it without.
  • Waistband Stitch: Aesthetic Laundry has typically offered two different types of waistband depending on the style of bottom. A single row of stitching generally falls into the smarter category, whilst three rows is a sportier look.

The trouser styles and fabrics have been limited...


We have chosen to focus on our most popular styles and fabrics given operationally we have a lot to on our side to make it the perfect process for our customers. Once we are happy with how it works operationally, we will be opening it up to a wider range of product styles and fabrics. 

Because it is a trial, the product price is reflected. 

The pricing is an introductory one-off. When Made to Measure is launched officially, with all the bells and whistles, the pricing will be reflected. 

Returns and Exchanges

As Made to Measure garments deviate from the standard production processes and are being made for you, returns and exchanges are not possible. 

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