International Shipping Update

International Shipping Update

International customers, we are finally coming to you!

Updated: 23.06.22


We are officially shipping internationally again, however the launch of international shipping does come with a few caveats. 

International Shipping has been on our list for approx. 3 years and we have come to the realisation that the reason we haven’t re-launched it, is because we haven’t been able to perfect the process to 100% and so have never given ourselves the green light.

We have actually realised that across the board we hold off launching projects because we don’t feel we are able to execute at the level of a big brand. 

Given how tiny our business is, we have realised we need to lower our own expectations and start ‘soft launching’ projects, and then build them up over time as the business grows. Therefore Heidi and I have decided that this year, we will launch projects at an execution level of 60% minimum and over time build up to be 100%. 

A good example of this would be website images when launching a new collection. Because we have a huge variety of product options available it is almost impossible for us to have every image shot in time for the launch date. Instead we ensure that 80% of the images are there, we have placeholder images for those missing and once we have launched we top up the website until it is at 100%. 

So what does this mean for international shipping? 


 Over the past few months, we have been working with our website provider, courier companies and some existing international customers, to trial sending parcels to them. What we found was that even when sending parcels of the same value and weight, countries had different import taxes and VAT charges. 

Our business is still incredibly small and so integrating structures that many big brands have for international shipping into our website, just hasn’t been financially viable. 

 The last thing we want is for customers to be charged more than they were expecting. We will therefore be setting an internal cap at £130 (150 Euros) or a weight of up to 2kgs, per order. If you place an order which exceeds either of these we will contact you to discuss your options. 

 For now, your parcels will be sent 1st Class Tracked and you will track details once your parcel has been dispatched. 

 Your shipping cost will be calculated at the checkout, which we have calculated with the Royal Mail. Please note this does not include custom/import tax charges, which you may need to pay when your order arrives in your country.

 We are going to continue to work on better integrating international shipping into our site to make this process even smoother in the coming months. 





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