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#2 Not just a designer.... TV appearances

Although Aesthetic Laundry is now Heidi's full time job, television appearances are something Heidi has never been afraid of (and more than once doing appearances that I would NEVER be brave enough to do!). 
From fashion to documentaries, the below videos will hopefully give you an insight into the hilarious personality behind the brand!


Styled to Rock, Sky Living - 2012
At this point Aesthetic Laundry was still a business idea with occasional designs being made from Heidi's bedroom. Upon entering the reality program hosted by Nicola Roberts and Henry Holland, Heidi wowed the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry and Cheryl Cole, going on to eventually become runner up. 

Styled to Rock Heidi May Cheryl Cole Video
Styled to Rock Heidi May Cheryl Cole Video
Life Stripped Bare, Channel 4 - 2016
From creating clothes to removing clothes, Heidi hit our nation's TV screens with an experiment documentary, following six young people who have their possessions taken away 21 days. From clothes to matresses, everything is stripped and each day they can select one item to regain into their life. 
(Not a link for the blog, but a quick search and I am sure you will stumble across Heidi's naked run through Hackney!)

Life Stripped Bare Heidi May Channel 4
BBC Look East, BBC 1 - 2018
Being a Norfolk girl,  BBC Look East were keen to feature their very own Heidi on their evening news. Body positivity has always been a core value for Aesthetic Laundry so Heidi went on to Stewart White's news segment to discuss this stigma and how it has lead to the building of her brand. 
BBC Look East Heidi May Kacy Musgraves video
BBC Look East Aesthetic Laundry Instagram Highlights Video
theREALcatwalk, Trafalgar Square - 2018
Not made for television, but certainly making the television news, Heidi took part in theREALcatwalk in 2018. In an effort to continue her body positivity campaigning, Heidi participated in theREALcatwalk, where women and men alike strutted their stuff to highlight 'what a real body looks like'. 
The Real Catwalk Highlights Video
Heidi at theREALcawalk 2018