Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!



I know...strange, right! So it’s actually May and yet here we are wishing a Happy New Year!!

A few weeks ago, when we were still in the midst of what felt like an incredibly long lockdown (yes we only have two others to compare it to, but my god it felt so long!) and chatting to Heidi one evening, we realised that one of the things getting us down was the fact that it felt like we had wasted the first few months of 2021.

We realised that as much as many of us avoid the big New Years’ parties at all costs, there is something to be said for ringing in the start of something new.



And let’s be honest, if ever there was a year we really needed to have an end date in order to allow us to wipe the slate clean, it was the ending of the 2020 chapter. 

So into January we all rolled and how unnerving it was. We had shut the studio to give our team a proper holiday - the hope had been that after a really tough year we take a proper break, both physically and mentally and spend time with families; but Christmases hadn’t been as we had hoped and so behind the scenes (along with everyone out there) we ploughed ahead, to not only keep going, but to keep our minds busy and distracted. Those of you who know us well, know we love being present on social media, that is where some of our most honest content sits as we paint the very real picture of life in fashion!

But in all honesty we just didn’t have it in us. 


Our first and foremost focus was on our team. Making every garment in-house means our team is up of our wonderful cutting and sewing team. None of these jobs can be done from home, so we focused on making sure they had a safe environment to work in, should they feel comfortable enough to travel in. This was followed by making sure we could fulfil orders and work on the new collection. 


behind-the-scenesBehind the scenes: Working on our Serge Elements Tees in January


As well as keeping the team safe, Heidi and I were both working remotely a lot too and so in order to just keep going, our projects and plans for the new year went on hold and our presence outwardly facing just kind of...disappeared. 

Towards the end of March, as schools went back and we began to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the lockdown lifting, we decided we needed to ring in our version of the New Year! We needed to make our own division, to draw a line and to find a way to bounce back. 

And SO .... we are officially starting 2021 on 1st May! We have 8 months to make it our best yet!

Happy New Year

And what better way to kick it off than with the launch of our Spring Summer 2021 collection!
Yes....it’s LIVE!! You can check it out here

 The Spring Summer collection has been our priority since January 2021 so the launch seemed like the best marker for us to start our New Year. 




We also couldn't hit refresh without New Year's resolutions. Heidi and I have started by setting ones for one another which you can hear see here:


Heidi's New Years Resolutions (from Joss!)

  • Be less self deprecating: Heidi has a tendency to constantly put herself down (often without realising). Every time she puts herself down I will make her aware and to hopefully help her stop, she will have to spend at least 15mins cleaning her desk (if you've seen Heidi's desk, you will know she loves to work in organised chaos!). 
  • New nails every weekDuring the lockdown, Heidi mentioned that she had stopped making an effort and doing the things that made her feel good, which included FUN nail art! For the month of May (and hopefully beyond) Heidi will be sharing her fun nails every week!

Joss' New Years Resolutions (from Heidi!)

  • Be more chilled: I am a planner. Anyone who knows me well, knows that I plan everything (the three diaries on my desk would be the evidence for this!). So this month, every day, I have to pick out a random challenge from Heidi to complete immediately and force me to be a little more spontaneous. Check out our stories on social media to see the daily challenges!

These resolutions are of course just a bit of fun, to try and bring us out of slump, but we will also be sharing our AL company resolutions with you soon. In the hope that the more people who know about them, the more we will feel the pressure to not break them!

But for now, we hope you are able to tune in on social to see who sticks to the their resolutions!


We also hope you love the collection... it’s bright and fun which is hopefully a metaphor for the brighter days which lie ahead.

And Happy New Year, we hope your next 8 months are your best yet too! xx

Happy New Year

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