Custom Lab: About

Custom Lab: About

Custom Lab

One of our proudest achievements at Aesthetic Laundry is the fact that we have built a made to order business, with a tiny but mighty team all working in our London studio.

With that in mind, we have been wanting to find a way to build upon this special asset that the high street just can't offer. 

Ever found yourself pondering at a garment and thinking 'I love it, I just wish xxx was different'. Well we have the resolution for you

As part of our Field Experiments for January, we bring you Custom Lab.

Enter our Custom Lab and you can create the jumper / hoody of dreams, with a choice of both style and colour elements. 

Start by choosing the style

Do you prefer a classic jumper or hoody? Do you prefer your sweatshirts with our without a ribbed hem? Do you like your cuffs in a classic style or with thumbholes? All of these options are available as you start to make the base of your jumper. 

Hold bold do you want to go?

Colour is key in the Custom Lab. From the body to the sleeves, from the cuffs to the neckline, you have a range of colours to choose from. 

Final details

We have also included the option for logo / graphic placements for that extra embellishment. 


Because it is a trial, the product price is reflected. 

The pricing is an introductory one-off. When / if we launch Custom Lab officially, with all the bells and whistles, the pricing will be reflected. 

Returns and Exchanges

Custom Lab is exactly what it says on the tin, therefore the fact you will be receiving a custom garment means that returns and exchanges are not possible. 

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