AL22 & SS Size Guide

AL22 & SS Size Guide


A new and improved size guide is here!

When it comes to sizing, we know that it can sometimes be hard to work out how a particular garment might work for you. Shape, comfort and personal style all inform what makes a garment perfect for an individual.

Because we don't have a physical store we are aware we don't have that 'try before you buy' option and therefore each season we always try to improve upon what we have done before. 

Size Guide
Spring Summer Swishy Knee Skirt measurements

As per previous seasons for our latest AL22 and Spring Summer collections we have included garment measurements for each size. We’ve given measurement ranges within each size, alongside instructions on how to measure.  

In addition to this we have added AL Body Measurements, a guide which includes measurements which each size pattern is based on. 

New for SS22: AL Body Measurements Guide

Based on past feedback, we’ve identified the measurements our customers really wanted for each garment (e.g bust, waist, hips, inside / outside leg), and then have done our research to curate the set of figures in this guide. 

We work with measurement ranges rather than a single figure. If you aren’t totally sure which size you are, these brackets will give a good idea of where you fit within AL garments. 

To work out the best size for you, grab a tape measure and compare your measurement to the sizing brackets in this guide. 

To see the AL Body Measurements click here.

To find particular measurements of a garment, head to the homepage and select the product style you are looking for within the drop down menu.

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