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AL22 Fabrics


As part of our AL22 collection, we introduced two new fabrics bringing the total number of fabric types we have on offer to four.

Being an online brand we know how hard it can be when shopping online and not having that 'try before you buy' option, therefore I wanted to give you a little more info on the different fabric types available this season. 

New to this season, we have introduced our super stretchy, swishy fabric. 


Peep Ankle Swishy Maxi Skirt Double Layered - Ivory

Made from a super lightweight viscose, this fabric has plenty of stretch and movement. It not only offers freedom and movement, but the softness of the fabric means that it drapes beautifully and truly elevates any outfit. 

Swishy fabric close up


Our Textured fabric is the most premium fabric we have available. Because we source our fabrics within the UK it means we are a little more limited in terms of fabric choice, therefore we had been on the look out for something a little 'smarter' for a while. 



We knew this fabric was perfect when we found it as it is mid-weight, meaning it holds structure, whilst the 'textured' feel of the fabric itself gives more depth to the garment.  

One thing that really struck us about the loopback fabric was its versatility. We loved both sides of the fabric (textured and smooth) and therefore have decided to offer it in either option for our Peg Trousers. We decided it would be personal preference as to whether you prefer texture on the outside or inside, so we have left it up to you to decide which you would prefer.
textured-fabric-closeupTextured fabric close up
It wouldn't be AL without our sweatshirt fabric! Perfect for more casual outfits, the sweatshirt is slightly structured with a super soft interior, making it comfortable in all weathers.
You can find our sweatshirt fabric across our most popular items, such as our Whitney Jumpers and Classic Joggers. 
Sweatshirt fabric close up
 Keeping with the soft theme, our Big Softy fabric, is 100% cotton jersey.
It is the fabric we utilise across all our t-shirts due to the relaxed nature of the fabric. It is also available as a lightweight option of our joggers and trousers. 
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