Changing up the Size Guide

Changing up the Size Guide

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As with everything we try to do at Aesthetic Laundry, we are constantly trying to challenge the way the fashion industry works and this includes how you using our Size Guide.

Someone please tell me the last time they enjoyed the moment they need to work out their measurements / size in order to place an order? Whether this is the changing room or online, I think we can all agree that finding your perfect fit is rarely an enjoyable process.

Typically the high street uses 'on the body' measurements, meaning the measurements of the actual person (or people) who will wear the garment. The idea being that you measure your own body and compare these measurements to the measurements on their size guide. However as we all know, no two body types are the same and therefore we didn't want to create a size guide where our customers would be comparing their measurements to a single person's measurements that supposedly represent an entire size set).

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Instead, our measurements refer to the measurements of our garments themselves and instead you compare these to the measurements of your favourite comparable item in your wardrobe. This is for a few main reasons:

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Anyone else shy away from having to work out their measurements when shopping with a new brand? It's time to put the customer first .We know that shopping for clothes online can be particularly difficult with all the different sizing options. Therefore we worked backwards on creating a measuring system that would make it as easy as possible for the customer. 

Let's Stop Comparing quoteIt may be typical to the industry, but personally we don't understand why we should be measuring our bodies and comparing to a single other person. Let's not only making it easier for the customer, but let's also just focus on ourselves.Embracing IndivdualityOur clothes are designed with comfort at the forefront therefore are often more of an oversized fit, however does this mean you have to wear them oversized...absolutely not! How boring would life be if we are all striving for the same fit as the one on a single model on the website.

So what have we done..... we have given you the measurements of the Aesthetic Laundry garments themselves.

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The idea is that you find that favourite comparable garment in your wardrobe and take the measurements. You then compare these measurements to the ones in the Aesthetic Laundry Size Guide and you will quite quickly get an idea of what the fit will be like in comparison to what you already own. And if you use this alongside the Fit Guide then hopefully you will gain a more holistic understanding of how our garments fit. 

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To us, it makes complete sense, but we know we have more work to do... 

At the moment we are going against the way the industry encourages you to take your measurements.... we are this one tiny fish in one huge pond, asking customers to change the way they look at sizing. In a world where online shopping actively encourages us (by making it as simple as possible) to buy more than we want, return as much as we want and do it all within 48hrs at the click of button, we are very aware this is going to be an uphill battle.

So why bother? Because the dream (and when you are a small business you HAVE to dream big!) is for clothing to bring you all the joy!  We want you to take time over what you buy, knowing it will be made with love and care, so that when it arrives you are filled with excitement and confidence rather than disappointment. 

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 As always if you have any thoughts on how we can improve the shopping experience feel free to drop us a message. 

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