#7 Black Friday, it's a no from us

#7 Black Friday, it's a no from us

Anti Black Friday

Hugely slashed prices, luring customers in...no thank you!

As a small team of four women, designing, producing and selling from our small studio in East London, we pride ourselves on fair pricing, making sure that no one in the supply chain suffers. 

Black Fridays is against everything that we stand for. In order for these companies to 'slash' their prices (many of which are often marked up in advance of Black Friday in order to be so heavily discounted in the first place), someone in the production process has to suffer. This is just something we aren't okay with. 

We love the fact that we can make everything in-house, ensure that the quality is the best it can possibly be and take the care and attention over producing each product that it deserves. 

For this reason we will not be flying our '90% off' flag this weekend and instead ask you to support independent brands. I am sure Aesthetic Laundry isn't the only small business who won't be participating in Black Friday.

So join us: Shop Independent, Wear Independent, Be Independent!

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