#8 Aesthetic Laundry's Zero Waste Fabric Project

#8 Aesthetic Laundry's Zero Waste Fabric Project

Today sees the launch of Aesthetic Laundry's first ever Zero Waste Fabric Project. 

We strive to be as resourceful as possible on a daily basis but inevitably there are always fabric offcuts at the end of the roll and pieces which are too small to be used. Rather than throwing them out, we have accumulated them in the studio to the point where we finally needed to make a decision on what to do.

Over the last week or so Heidi has been a secretive squirrel coming up with various ideas and narrowing them down into a final two:

1. The first, gorgeous one-off make up bags in a variety of colours and coloured offcuts.
2. The second, super cute kids jumpers, each with our signature tassels. 


Makeup bag

Both options were put to our wonderful followers on social media to decide which idea we should move ahead with. And it was with an almost unanimous decision that our customers went for KIDSWEAR!!

But for us, it hasn't been as simple as creating some smaller sized jumpers and popping them up online.... 

…. as you will have seen in my last blog post, we have recently finalised our brand values and messaging which very much leans towards being consciously green.

Yes, we are making these jumpers from offcuts, however we are aware that arguably kidswear is one of the highest throw away items of the fashion industry. Kids grow out clothing at such a rapid rate that there is always going to be some form of waste involved. 

And so to try and combat the jumpers being thrown away, each kids jumper sold will come with a tag detailing our return information. Once the child has finished with the jumper you have the option to return the jumper to us where we will recycle once more and in return email you a voucher for £10 off your next purchase. 

We have stuck to three size patterns (0-3 months, 9-12 months and 24-36 months) which allow us the maximum flexibility based on the size of the off cuts we have. The size patterns were drawn up from existing garments found in Heidi's local charity shop. To see more click here

The No Waste Fabric Project will last for 8 weeks and at the end we will review how it has gone and steps looking ahead. There is a section of the website dedicated to the kidswear jumpers and we will also have these stocked at our various Christmas Markets (the dates of which can be found here). 

And finally if you have any comments or feedback regarding this project please don't hesitate to get in contact with me at joss@aestheticlaundry.com   


Aesthetic Laundry Kidswear

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