#6 This is what we stand for

#6 This is what we stand for

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Dr Carin Solomon

If you follow us on social media you may have seen the numerous videos we have posted over the last few weeks surrounding our brand message (or our "pillars" as we coined them in the studio). 

To take you back to the beginning, a few weeks ago Heidi did a radio feature and some constructive feedback she received was to know what our main point is, to stick with it and to hammer it home so to speak!

This feedback promptly made it's way back to the studio and it has since prompted about two weeks of continual meetings about the message of Aesthetic Laundry. We took the conversation all the way back to the reasons why Liv and I joined the company and what we all hope to achieve whilst working here. 

Each meeting was filmed to enable you to see exactly how we got to our final conclusion. To watch the videos in full, click the images below. 

Video Discussion1Video DiscussionVideo Discussion

Over time, we honed the ideas down into four different words, which stood for the various messages we wanted to get across:

1) Environmental 
2) Production
3) Industry Morals
4) Elitism

We then took these words and hosted a focus group with people each of us knew who were from a variety of professions. We purposely chose people who we knew as this meant they had knowledge of Aesthetic Laundry and an opinion as to what they felt the brand stood for.

During the focus group we discussed each of the four pillars individually and the outcome was brilliant. Not because everyone agreed with us....far from that! It actually allowed us to go back to the drawing board with the four pillars and re-defined our brand message. 

You can watch the focus discussion on each pillar on YouTube, by clicking the links below. 

Video 1 - Environmental
Video 2 - Production & Industry Morals
Video 3 - Elitism

And so that brings me finally to what we stand for! It took a lot more talking through after the focus group but we have come up with three main messages. 

For every step forward we now take, each decision will fall into at least one of the below messages. And if not, we expect you to call us out on it and challenge us! We want our customers to be a part of our journey. We are by no means perfect and can only better ourselves if we are constantly questioning ourselves (or having other people question us!) when something doesn't seem right. 

And so, the things we stand for as Aesthetic Laundry are:

Aesthetic Laundry company values

  • We strive to be environmentally conscious. We produce quality clothing, designed to last longer.
  • We control as much of the production process as possible to keep our carbon footprint low.
  • We are inclusive but without being wasteful. We have a large range of sizes, but don't create huge amounts of excess stock.
  • We don't actively throwaway.Aesthetic Laundry values
  • Customers and staff are treated alike. Aesthetic Laundry is fun from the inside out.
  • We are fair in price, from our wages through to our retail price point.
  • We have as much control over the production process as possible to ensure oversight of our supply chain.
Aesthetic Laundry values
  • We want to challenge fashion industry morals.
  • We are transparent and honest; we show the highs with the lows and don't claim to be perfect.
  • We want to be as inclusive as possible. Fashion shouldn't be based on what you can afford or what size you are.
  • Fashion can be for everyone. There is no 'right' person for Aesthetic Laundry.
  • We want to prove that small independents and slow fashion can outweigh the throwaway attitude of the business. 


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