#5 Check Your Boobs | CoppaFeel 10 year anniversary

#5 Check Your Boobs | CoppaFeel 10 year anniversary

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3 weeks ago, Liv, Heidi and Linda (- aka mummalaundry), headed to House Of Vans to celebrate CoppaFeel's 10 year anniversary event, FestiFeel. 


Aesthetic Laundry at FestiFeel

Aesthetic Laundry dream team! From left: Heidi (wearing the Serge coat), Liv (wearing the Logo T-Shirt) & Linda (wearing the Logo Sweatshirt) 

CoppaFeel was founded by Kris Hallenga and her twin sister Maren in 2009. Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the age of 23, which she was eventually told by her doctor was incurable. Being such a young age, Kris was struck by the very little information out there for young people and has since made it her mission to get the message out there and catch cancer earlier. 

Now, even if you aren't familiar with CoppaFeel, I am sure that you will have at some point seen a variation of the boobs logo! The charity has since grown to huge heights, with brand ambassadors including Fearne Cotton (check out Heidi's fan-girling moment below!). At the time of writing this post Candice Brown, Frankie Bridge and Gigi Fletcher are amongst an amazing group of people trekking through the Himalayas to raise money and awareness.

FestiFeel is the charity event, launched by Kris on the back of her charity. The annual event has grown each year, with this year including live performances, DJ sets, glitter bars and of course a whole lot of boobs!

Heidi first attended CoppaFeel having won a competition to attend as a guest. Following this Heidi wanted to do more to support and worked with the charity to produce 'Check Your Boobs' labels in Aesthetic Laundry garments. This then led to creating a custom t-shirt for Kris and holding a key ring workshop last year. 

Aesthetic Laundry at FestiFeel 2019

FestiFeel Merch 

Liv, the queen of  Aesthetic Laundry's hair & make up (which if you haven't seen already, you can check out at Liv's Looks Instagram )led us to offering our very own Aesthetic Laundry Tassel Braiding Bar at the event. Guests could come and have the tassels we use in our t-shirts and jumpers, braided into their hair. 

Aesthetic Laundry Tassel Braid Bar

Aesthetic Laundry Tassel Braid Bar

Aesthetic Laundry Tassel Braid Bar

Happy Customer at Aesthetic Laundry's Tassel Braid Bar!

And there was no limit to who could get their braided - we even managed a few beards!

Aesthetic Laundry Tassel Braid Bar

Bearded Tassels!


Aesthetic Laundry Fearne Cotton

Aesthetic Laundry team & Fearne Cotton

Click here to see the moment Heidi met Fearne!


We also added a little touch of Aesthetic Laundry tassels to the CoppaFeel jumpers which were being sold at the event. 

CoppaFeel Aesthetic Laundry Jumpers

The final preparations to the Aesthetic Laundry CoppaFeel Jumpers


CoppaFeel is an amazing charity, doing amazing things and being spearheaded by an amazing woman. It is something which Heidi is incredibly passionate about supporting and we all felt incredibly proud to be a part of this monumental moment celebrating 10 years. 

Check out this year's highlights video here

For more information surrounding this incredible charity follow the links below:

Website: https://coppafeel.org/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coppafeelpeople/

Festifeel: https://coppafeel.org/festifeel/

 Aesthetic Laundry at FestiFeel

Heidi & Liv at CoppaFeel's 10 Year Anniversary


Aesthetic Laundry at CoppaFeel

CoppaFeel's FestiFeel Event 2019

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