#4 Aesthetic Laundry's YouTube Series

#4 Aesthetic Laundry's YouTube Series

One thing I learnt prior to joining Aesthetic Laundry is that this brand stands for so much more than selling clothes. Yes we design clothes, but the reason behind the output is so much more than just selling womens streetwear.

It was this story which I have wanted to tell. And the only way I felt Heidi's voice could come across is if it was, quite literally, Heidi speaking!

And so our YouTube mini series was born!

We worked with good friend, local artist and presenter Anna Gammans on the six part series, to produce what is an informal conversation between the two of them. 


Aesthetic Laundry YouTube Heidi MayFrom left: Anna Gammans & Heidi May

Heidi and Anna are wearing the Whitney Collection

Each episode is a different topic which at the time of filming was incredibly relevant to Aesthetic Laundry's current status. 

Below are links to each episode with details of each topic. I hope you enjoy and hopefully whether you are a returning customer or new to Aesthetic Laundry you will take something away from these short but very sweet videos!


Aesthetic Laundry YouTube

 Behind the Scenes: Last minute prepping!

Heidi is wearing the Raptor Jumper in Blue
Anna is wearing the Whitney Midi Jumper in Grey

YouTube - In Honest Conversation with Heidi May

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