#15 COVID-19: Aesthetic Laundry Update

#15 COVID-19: Aesthetic Laundry Update

Due to the uncertainty around COVID-19 it goes without saying that each of us at Aesthetic Laundry are feeling the weight of this uneasy and worrying time. We have been somewhat quiet on social platforms over the last few days whilst we make a few decisions that impact the immediate future of the company, but amongst these conversations, it has been glaringly apparent how thankful we are to have one another and the support that we can give each other. 

team-photoAesthetic Laundry Team

Our first priority has been the immediate response to ensure safety for not only the team but also dispatch of orders that are taking place. We are lucky that our studio is only home to the four of us and so we have applied all the necessary measures to keep it safe and sanitary with the hope that we can continue to have the option to use it as a base and distribute orders. Beyond that, we have been looking at how we continue logistically to run as a business, and finally look at what we had in the pipeline and how we continue to plan.


In terms of the team, we start with Liv who has had a very difficult decision to make in the space of 12 hours. Liv was planning to return to Australia for a holiday in April and so after a lot of deliberating (and very little sleep) she has made the decision to bring her flights forward and fly home tomorrow. The overall uncertainty of when she could get home if she didn’t go now, means that all of us completely stand behind Liv’s decision to go immediately. Meanwhile Heidi, Joss & Anna will remain in London, carrying on as much as we can as normal, but playing it by ear as developments and updates are shared in the coming days.

In the last couple of days we have not only discussed the state of our business but also what this means for mental health. Never has there been a time when it has been so important to be there for one another and to keep talking. There is not one of us - both internally and externally to Aesthetic Laundry - who won’t be feeling this state of uneasiness and so for that reason we will not be disappearing from your screens. Liv may be heading home, but this doesn’t mean you won't see her (images from sunny climates...now that is one way to keep us all smiling!). Since we became a team of four we have prided ourselves on being honest and transparent and so we plan to continue with content (Snappy Wrap Up's included, although they may be not as regular) to keep you updated on what we are doing. Hopefully by keeping conversations open we can continue to all support one another. 

video-content-artworkVideo content - Snappy Wrap Up's

Speaking of keeping the conversation open, you may have seen on our Instagram & Facebook that last week we did the most amazing shoot with @curvynyome for our Spring/Summer pieces that we were planning to drop this week. For a small business it was no mean feat that we have managed to get to the point where we have produced samples & stock in house and also done the shoot so that we can launch the pieces at the same time (go team)! We planned to launch this Friday and therefore we have made the decision that we will still drop the new products. We are aware that clothes won’t be at the top of everyone’s shopping lists, but we felt it a huge shame to not launch as we have everything ready to go and stock on the shelves. So if you fancy a pick-me-up keep your eyes peeled over the next few days.

behind-the-scenes-shootBTS Spring/Summer shoot

Finally from a logistics point of view, we are aware that fulfilment of orders and shipping time may slow down. With this in mind, as of tomorrow, all shipping will be free. Should you order anything and want an update on its status, please don’t hesitate to contact us - we are still here and would love to hear from you (regardless of orders, we would love to hear from you!). Ultimately our goal is to keep the business ‘open as usual’ so will do our absolute best to get orders to you asap.

To everyone out there reading this, we know exactly how you must all be feeling right now and please know we are right there with you. There is such an incredible pool of small businesses all supporting one another already and we just want everyone (small business owners or just wonderful friends of the brand alike) to know that our ‘virtual’ door is always open here as well. 

Thinking of you all,
Heidi, Joss, Liv & Anna xxx



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