#13 Depop....just another selling platform?

#13 Depop....just another selling platform?

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If you are anything like us, you may think Depop is relatively new however it has actually been around since 2011! I first heard about Depop a couple of years ago, when in an effort to be a little more environmentally conscious, I decided to try and reduce the amount of clothing I was buying new. 

Don't get me wrong,I still have treats here and there - for me there are very few things that beat browsing through rails and running my hands through beautiful garments - however it was the purchasing amount that I wanted to reduce. 

A friend recommended Depop and I was immediately struck by the number of items being sold which had either not been worn at all or worn once and 'didn't fit', 'didn't suit me'. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised; the shutting of certain big high street bricks and mortar stores and the rise in online shopping, means that people are trying on less and thus products they are buying aren't always perfect.

Upon joining Heidi and the team at Aesthetic Laundry, I became aware of production and shoot samples, being neatly stored in the studio, but serving no purpose other than to sit there. Of course selling on the website was not an option, but Depop...well this was the perfect way to get give our samples homes.Aesthetic Laundry Depop

Whether you produce in-house or work with a factory, every fashion business (big and small) will inevitably have samples which never make it to production. This can be anything from the fabric not being correct, the colour not being right, the quality not good enough and even once all these things are corrected, the ones that make it onto models cannot be sold. 

It is these items stored so neatly in the Aesthetic Laundry studio which were in need of a home... and can now be found on our Depop site. 

Aesthetic Laundry Depop

Here are 5 things you may not already know about Aesthetic Laundry on Depop:

⭐1. Depop is home to our Samples and Seconds. Samples include one-off's which may have never made it to our website, so if you fancy getting something a little bit different it's certainly worth taking a look. 

⭐2. Seconds refers to pieces which have either been worn once in a shoot for a minimal amount of time or once produced had a small manufacture fault which meant it could not go onto the website. We would never sell you something which has been worn on numerous occasions or is stained / dirty - that is not the kind of seconds we are referring to!

⭐3. Just because it stocks samples and seconds doesn't mean we treat it as secondary. If you have any questions or want more specific sizing, fabric details please just message us on the app. We monitor it just like we do all our other social platforms and we are more than happy to help.

⭐4. We do offer returns/refunds. It is not obligatory for people to offer refunds on Depop, however as we are listed as a brand the same returns policy is applicable as on our website. At the end of the day we want our products to go to a home where they will be worn; there is no point in them ending up in the back of a wardrobe.

⭐5. We have a weekly Depop schedule. As with everyone else on the planet we are all busy, so Wednesday is the day to put in your diary for Depop. We will drop any new products on Depop every Wednesday, with the latest products also then listed on our dedicated Depop Instagram page. (We are aware that Insta is still the go to platform, so I would recommend following ALDepop to see the latest drop as soon as it goes live).

So if you missed something from the main range, fancy a one-off or are just looking for a bargain Aesthetic Laundry's Depop page is for you .

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