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Although we might be small, there are elements of the way we run which we take from big business practise. One of these is to analyse each project we do; to look back and always try and better ourselves. For the month of January we dropped a selection of one off garments, as part of our second Zero Waste Fabric Project, PIECES, and it was the analysis of this project that has led to our next venture.

One of the key takeaways from PIECES was the need for Heidi to have the flexibility to be more creative and so we have spent the last couple of weeks looking at the structure of the design process within Aesthetic Laundry.

If your initial question is, 'how does the founder and designer not have the ability to be as creative as she wants?', then you are asking the exact question I found myself saying!

However through internal conversations what I have had to remind myself is, Heidi has built Aesthetic Laundry across social media and sells directly and organically through her own channels. In terms of business model, this means there is a huge amount of promotion required once garments have been designed and the decision to manufacture. Heidi is required to do so much more than design. I lean on her to lead the brand from a visual perspective, not just in the clothing that is made, but the branding and the overall vision both current and in the future. 

And with this, design has taken somewhat of a backseat with PIECES being the first time Heidi has been able to use her creativity as she wishes since I joined the company 9 months ago. Following numerous conversations we have come to the conclusion that we need a better balance of creativity and business. And so this week we are launching Heidi's Studio.

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In a nutshell Heidi's Studio is a selection of one-off pieces, designed and made exclusively by Heidi. A minimum of five pieces will be dropped every week inclusive of sizes S-XXL. The items will not necessarily be five versions of the same thing, the design process and the maximum number of each piece produced will be entirely down to Heidi's discretion.

All fabric for garments produced in Heidi's Studio will be sourced locally. The rule: as long as it can be bought and brought to the studio in person, it can be purchased!

Heidi Studio Making

Heidi's Studio will be ongoing. The hope is that it will not only provide our customers with the opportunity to find something extra special that no one else has, but to allow Heidi an outlet to test ideas for future collection drops. It will be a passion project for both Aesthetic Laundry and customers alike. 

So keep those eyes and minds open and we have a feeling you will find yourself something a little bit different. Something that allows you to stand out from the crowd. Something that you want to wear again and again. Something that you will treasure. 

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