#10 The 5 Minute Snappy Wrap Up

Snappy Wrap Up Video

Towards the end of the 2019, we started filming short daily videos called the 5 Minute Snappy Wrap Up which we have been posting on Instagram and Facebook. 

The other day someone was tagged in the comments of the video and they wrote 'what the hell is this!?', which if you are new to the brand is a very understandable comment! At first look you have two / three girls, jumping on camera and just chatting through the tasks of their day. And actually....that is pretty much what it is!

Snappy Wrap Up Image

So why the sudden regular videos?

One of our brand values is to dare to be different from the fashion industry that people know so well (and let's be honest more often more than not, hate what it stands for). In a world of Photoshop, paid influencers and filters, transparency and honesty is one thing that we don't feel the industry does well and we want to break that cycle.

Aesthetic Laundry always has (and still is) creating all garments in house. Heidi wanted to be able to control her supply chain to ensure that she was being transparent when telling her customers about the products she produces and it is this transparency we wanted to continue to uphold.

On growing the team, we realised that we needed to take the transparency of the brand further and decided video was the best way to do it. The 5 Minute Snappy Wrap up's are filmed at the end of each day and are a quick fire way for us to get across what has been going on in the studio.

By posting regularly it forces us to be honest in the content we are producing (there is no time for editing a video every single day), and forces us to show the good with the bad (there is no room for us to hide things that may not have gone so well). Every independent brand will know that with the serious highs come the serious lows and this is what we aim to show you.

Although Heidi, Liv and I have a lot of crossover in what we do, when you are as small as we are, we often have to split ourselves very thinly to be able to get through what needs to be done. Between designing, creating, sampling, shooting and marketing the products there is never a quiet day and we wanted to be able to share this with you (occasionally accompanied with a glass in hand...usually a Friday!)

Snappy Wrap Up Images

Of course on some days there is repetition in what we do, very few projects start and end in one day, but that is why we generally keep it under 5 minutes. It is short, sweet and hopefully insightful too. 

So if you fancy looking into a 'day in the life of', with usually a lot of laughs, and some occasional tears, then these videos are probably for you.

If you read this and have any questions, or have watched a 5 Minute Snappy Wrap Up and would like a topic or question to be covered, please just drop us an email at thestudio@aestheticlaundry.com. We are always open to discussing new things that are going on in the Aesthetic Laundry studio.

5 Minute Snappy Wrap Up

(And as I have said, no project is ever complete in a day, so watch this space to hopefully see monthly highlights videos being published very soon!)

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