All Things Aesthetic Laundry

  • #24 Bye for now!

    It’s going to get emotional, blog seven for me and the last of this special lockdown series I’ve enjoyed writing so much. Joss gave me free reign i...
  • #23 Styling my Aesthetic Laundry

    As the hot weather came out, our guest blogger Rachel Wilson took this as an opportunity to capture her favourite Aesthetic Laundry looks from our Spring / Summer collection. Get some outfit inspiration here!
  • #22 My lockdown best bits – let’s make the best of it

    As time continues in lock down, inevitably we are probably finding ourselves often repeating activities. This week Rachel is here to offer some of her favourite things which have been keeping her busy the last few weeks. Lot of ideas and links so if you are in need of some fresh ideas look no further!
  • #21 Just be honest with me! Why transparency in business really matters.

    During a conversation with Rachel, we got onto the topic of transparency within business. Although it is something we at Aesthetic Laundry are always trying to do, we ended up discussing why in this day and age is it actually important for brands to be honest with their consumers. With this in mind Rachel decided to explore the theme of transparency, not just in fashion but amongst all sectors of business.
  • #20 Looking after your mental health in difficult times

    This week's guest blog from Rachel Wilson, focuses on our mental well being, which at the moment is so important. Not only personal experience, this week's blog includes tips that we can all apply to our daily lives. We hope you enjoy it!
  • #19 Learning to love myself began with my wardrobe

    This week's guest blog from Rachel: the story of how her journey to loving herself began when she learnt how to love clothes and her wardrobe. An incredibly personal blog, touching upon body image, positvity and sizing.

    When Heidi began Aesthetic Laundry body image was a the forefront of what she was trying to conquer and continues to remain at the front today.

    To read Rachel's personal journey is another reminder as to whey we need to continue the conversation. Check out Rachel's story here....

  • #18 Managing WFH, from someone who actually works from home!

    We are delighted to be working alongside, Rachel Wilson, a Marketing Consultant and Producer of Theatre and Film, who is guest editing a mini series of blogs for Aesthetic Laundry. With all this extra reading time on our hands at the moment, we thought it would be nice to have content from someone else with a difference perspective covering topics close to both Rachel and Aesthetic Laundry's hearts. 

    We hope you enjoy.....!! 

  • #17 A few words from Heidi

    As we all try to muddle our way through an increasingly unpredictable time, Heidi wanted to take time to share her personal situation in the current climate. The things which are keeping her going alongside things which are unsettling. Remember we are all in this together, let's keep talking...


  • #16 COVID-19: The last 7 days

    It has been a whirlwind week at Aesthetic Laundry but we are doing our best to muddle through. Here is a recap of our last seven days and some of the decisions we have made.
  • #15 COVID-19: Aesthetic Laundry Update

    It goes without saying there is a lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment. Over the last few days we have been working on a plan of action for Aesthetic Laundry. Find out what we will be doing as a team for the foreseeable future.
  • #14 It's time to end fatphobia

    Last week Heidi met with the body positive advocate, Phoebe Jameson to discuss their relationships with body issues, mental health and the stigma which needs to end around sizing. A topic which is hugely personal to the both, read what was discussed here and then check out their video.
  • #13 Depop....just another selling platform?

    Not another selling platform I hear you cry! Before you switch off, check out this blog to read 5 things you might not know about why we sell on Depop.